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Do You Long for a Happier Life?

Yes, I’m ready to live a happier life

What can you expect to learn in Bibi’s Happy Place?

How to live a more mindful life
How to live a more Mindful life
How to slow down through meditations led by Bibi
How to slow down through Meditation led by Bibi
How to live in the present moment and be calmer
How to live in the present moment and be calmer

The 2 Cs

If you are searching for a better life make a COMMITMENT to yourself to be a regular visitor to BIBI’S HAPPY PLACE.
No matter what goal we set ourselves nothing will work out ultimately without commitment.

Achieving greater happiness is a CHOICE.
Choose to be the happiest you can be and join a group of like-minded people, YOUR CLAN.

Visualise your life where you

  • Feel Calmer
  • Have Better Relationships
  • Experience Less Anger
  • Are More in Flow
  • Have increased Energy
  • Enjoy a more Positive Mood
  • Improve your Sleep

Think for a minute about how these patterns rob you of happiness:

  • You are continually rushing.
  • There never seems to be enough hours in your day.
  • You regularly eat on the run.
  • Stressing out or overthinking problems.
  • Re-run old hurts in your mind.
  • Struggle to forgive others or yourself.  
  • Your mind is overactive, always racing.
  • You sometimes lose your cool.
  • In BIBI’S HAPPY PLACE we can help you with these issues. It will take time and practice from you. You will be in a safe haven in this private group with us all supporting each other.

The reality is your Happiness can increase with simple daily practices

We cannot hope to experience pure happiness every day. Anyway, it might just be exhausting! But we can take steps and develop practices in our daily lives that will really increase that priceless feel-good factor. That’s what BIBI’S HAPPY PLACE is all about.

A Sense of Belonging

You will be part of a community, a tribe, a clan. We, the HAPPY PLACE people, will be here for the common good of increasing the happiness level in all our lives.
   On #MindfulMondays we will explore and practice living life with greater awareness.
    On #WellnessWednesdays I will pass on to you lots of Wellness tips to enhance your mind, body, and soul. 
     On #FabFridays we will share the fabulous events of the past week and practice Gratitude.

For less than a euro a day!

About Bibi

Bibi Baskin is a former TV presenter (Ireland & the UK), hotelier (India), Motivational Speaker and Wellness teacher. She has spent over thirty years studying various aspects of Wellness and recently published two pocket-books on the subject, Bibi’s Wellness Wisdom and The Happy Book.